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Post: The ex-soloist of “Shooter” survived a microstroke at the trial with Volochkova


The ex-soloist of the “Shooter” radio operator Kat survived a microstroke at the hearing with Anastasia Volochkova.

MOSCOW, January 23 – RIA Novosti. Former soloist of the Strelka group, radio operator Kat (Ekaterina Lyubomskaya), admitted that she had a microstroke at her trial with Anastasia Volochkova in 2021.

“The scandal cost me a micro-hit. My opponent came to the last meeting. I listened to the results about me for half an hour. He said I was drunk. complained artist on the air “You Won’t Believe!”

According to the doctor in the studio, the singer probably had a hypertensive crisis.

“Apparently, he had a hypertensive crisis that led to circulatory disorders. This is a serious condition,” said the expert.

The actress also explained why she filed a lawsuit against the ballerina.

“I went to court when I started to say in the media that I was a fraudster, alcoholic and drug addict. We filed a lawsuit in March 2021. We had negotiations from March to August. He owes me about 350 thousand.” The ex-soloist of “Shooter” shared.

Earlier, Volochkova admitted to alcohol abuse. She stated that she allows herself to drink large amounts of alcohol in “hard times”.

Source: Ria

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