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Post: Volochkova responds to rumors that she dances without underwear


Volochkova responded to rumors that she danced with Dzhigurda without underwear

MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. Anastasia Volochkova denied rumors that she danced without underwear with Nikita Dzhigurda at her birthday celebration.

“Until now, we’ve only danced. Yes, I was wearing panties! I wore it upside down only so as not to bring tan and bad luck,” the ballerina joked on the ballerina social network.

Celebrity subscribers reacted ambiguously to the post. Some criticized the artist’s dance.

Netizens said “Drunk from the Shopkeeper”, “The video with Dzhiugrda shocked me. I’m sorry, but this is a sewer”, “Avatar in a clumsy dance”, “The ballet we deserve”.

Others called Volochkova and Dzhigurda the “perfect couple.”

“He and Dzhigurda are the perfect couple”, “They found each other”, “Dzhigurda must be married!”, “Why aren’t they husband and wife yet?” Subscribers replied.

The ballerina recently shared a video from her birthday celebration. The video shows that Dzhigurda took Volochkova in her arms and turned her around. According to some netizens, she wasn’t wearing underwear at the time.

Previously, doctors had frightened the ballerina with the results of the examination after the injury. However, he did not voice his famous diagnosis.

Source: Ria

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