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Post: Oscar 2023: 11 nominations for Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, which returns to cinemas on February 2


Recently won two Golden Globes, Everything, Everywhere, is the most nominated film at the 2023 Oscars. The film will return to Italian cinemas from February 2, distributed by I Wonder Pictures.

Recently winner of two Golden Globes (Michelle Yeoh for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Film and Ke Hai Quan for Best Supporting Actor) and with assets impressive list of awards and nominations (179 wins and 283 nominations for major international awards), All Everywhere All at oncewith good 11 Oscar nominations 2023this is a movie with most nominations for the 95th Academy Awardswhich will be presented at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 12.
These are the categories he was in Oscar nominee 2023Winners: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress – Michelle Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor – Ke Hui Quan, Best Supporting Actress – Jamie Lee Curtis, Best Supporting Actress – Stephanie Hsu, Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design , Best Soundtrack, Best Song – This is life and the best editing.

2023 Oscar nominations Everything Everywhere: Commentary by Andrea Romeo (I Wonder Pictures)

Andrew Romeofounder and managing director miracle picturesComments:

As those who have lived to see it know, chaos has its own order and its own recursive cycles. There are seasons when the confirmation of consolidated values ​​seems to be constantly prevailing: it seems that there is no place for something new, and any risk does not make sense. And then everything changes. What is taken for granted now seems ineffective to us, the improbable becomes possible and every new idea is necessary. As if he didn’t expect anything else. The crisis changes the cards on the table. Enough political, cultural, economic upheaval to change the paradigm of the possible. So it is in the cinema. There are films that appear at the right time. Often small nutshells, independent of the big companies, driven by a wave they didn’t create but which they are best able to navigate.

Such is the case with Everything Everywhere All at Once, the product of the independent house A24, which seems to know how to ride a new wave. Like El Mariachi in my generation of cinephiles and Easy Rider in my parents’ generation, Daniels’ Multiverse grew week after week at the US box office, swelled its supporters in the US and around the world, and surpassed 10 million viewers. EEAAO has flooded half of the world’s media and social media with its images, and now it’s hitting the Oscars like a tsunami. In Italy, the film arrived for the most curious and for those who already knew it in the heat of last October, but now (February 2) it is returning to theaters, driven by the Oscar nominations and the curiosity it has generated in recent months. .

EEAAO, I want to make it clear, this is a film with a high improbability power. If you’re among those who have already loved it, I’m sure you’ll want to come back and watch it in theaters with friends you want to experience. If, on the other hand, you’re one of those who don’t like to take risks or don’t think it deserves their attention, consider doing something unlikely for once and go to the movies to see EEAAO. It can change your life, or at least your day.

A great success and challenge has been achieved for I Wonder Pictures in collaboration with the Unipol Biografilm Collection, who are taking the opportunity to bring the film back to Italian cinemas from February 2nd.

Everything and everywhere, and at once: the official plot and the Italian trailer of the film

Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) runs a small laundry, has a teenage daughter who doesn’t understand anymore, a bemused father and a fruitless marriage. A routine tax audit suddenly becomes the door through which Evelyn is drawn into an exciting and colorful adventure in the most innovative and engaging multiverse ever to hit theaters. Called to save the fate of the universes, she will have to use all her courage to defeat a seemingly unstoppable enemy and restore harmony in her family.

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