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Post: Volya mocked Kirkorov and whipped the audience with a bouquet


Volya made a parody of Kirkorov and whipped the audience with a bouquet of roses.

MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. Pavel Volya parodied Philip Kirkorov’s performance in Kazakhstan at Comedy Club. He shared an excerpt from the show on his social media account.

In the video, the comedian appears on stage wearing a replica of the singer’s see-through outfit. After the dance she went down to the hall and hit the audience with a bouquet of red roses. Then the showman walked along the rows and continued to whip the audience with flowers.

The presenter commented on the video that it was “a dance inspired by Kirkorov’s performance”.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to the video. Some condemned the original performance of the singer.

“Kirkorov used to be respected for his talent. Now he’s lost everything”, “Don’t send Kirkorov to Kazakhstan again!”, “There was such an image in Kyrgyzstan. We were in shock!”, “We are in shock” still moving away from Kirkorov’s leggings !” Subscribers said.

Others praised Will for the parody.

“Very good. Indistinguishable from the original”, “This is just fire!”, “Best dance!”, “You are the best of the best!” The comedian’s fans reacted.

In November last year, Kirkorov outraged the audience in a transparent outfit at a concert in Astana. The actor justified his performance with a “hooligan” trick of his team. According to the artist, she had to go on stage in shorts.

The singer also struck a bouquet of roses for a member of her team at the event. According to the representative of the artist, Ekaterina Uspenskaya, she stood up for her fans, who were not allowed to go on stage.

Kirkorov had previously shared a photo with his plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov. The artist looked built in the picture.

Source: Ria

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