The director from Yakutia commented on the “Oscar” nomination of his film.

Director Maxim Arbugaev: the nomination for the film “Exit” for the “Oscar” is already a victory for us

YAKUTSK, January 25 – RIA Novosti. Ruby director Maxim Arbugaev commented on the Oscar nomination for his short documentary film Exit, which he shot with his sister Evgenia Arbugaeva. He shared his opinion with RIA Novosti.

“For us, an Oscar nomination is a victory in itself. It’s the most prestigious film award in the world. We were the first to be nominated for the Rubies. It’s probably the first in order of importance. I’m going to the ceremony. I think I have a chance to get an “Oscar”. “We are not bound, we can only hope for victory,” said the source.

According to the director, he heard the news in an online publication, at that time the hero of the project, Maxim Chakilev, who had just arrived in Moscow from Chukotka, was next to him. Arbugaev’s family and sister Evgenia, who live in London, shared her joy with them via video link.

The director said that the idea for the tape “Exit” came naturally.

“Zhenya and I worked in Chukotka for about three years. He was doing the photography project for a book dedicated to the future North. I was also shooting a documentary about the lifestyle of the Chukotka people. And there we met Maxim Chakilev. And then, already in 2020, We decided to shoot there during a pandemic. We spent three months with our hero,” says one of the authors of “Exit.”

“I can’t talk about plans yet. Now I’m in the editing phase of the movie “Summer Will End” with Vladimir Mankuev,” he added.

Oscar awards will find their owners on March 12, 2023.

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