Knockin’ On Heaven director demands his name removed from Russian tape

Director Thomas Yan requests that his name be removed from the credits of the Russian movie ‘Spy’

MOSCOW, January 26 – RIA Novosti. German director Thomas Jahn, known for his movie Knocking on Heaven’s Door, demands that all references to him in the movie Spy, which he agreed to make from the Russian film company N Films, be removed.

The company says the problems started because Jan and Schweiger were “seen working” on the Russian project. “Until a scandal broke out in the German federal press, the outstanding director tried to get all the seats and actively collaborated with the team to prepare the project for shooting,” N Films says.

“Now, due to pressure from the German press, Thomas has requested that his name be removed from all sources, emphasizing that he “does not want to be involved in a film associated with Russia”, in violation of the agreement. did,” it said.

Alexander N said the company has documents confirming Thomas Yan’s involvement as director of the project. “The law is on our side, but we don’t want to spoil the relationship and we’ve temporarily stopped talking about it. We don’t want hostility, we want to get along. Maybe Thomas needs time to calm down a bit.” I said.

It was noted that Til Schweiger “absolutely refused to contact the team and the press, completely excluding communication”.

“Spy” about a Soviet intelligence officer who falls in love with a German girl and decides to leave the military to devote himself to his family. Earlier, “N Films” producer Alexander N told RIA Novosti that German actor Til Schweiger would be directing Thomas Yan in “Spy,” in which he will play former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s father.

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