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Post: Always Friends – Bryan Cruston announces sequel (despite controversy raised against the first chapter)


Bryan Cranston, when announcing the sequel to Forever Friends, recalled receiving a lot of criticism for portraying a disabled character.

Bryan Cruston – among the most popular actors of recent decades – in 2017 he took part in remake of Almost Friendsentitled Always Friends (Advantage). Like the original version, the film follows the unlikely friendship between Phill, a wealthy, paraplegic bourgeois, and Dell.Kevin Hart), an ex-con that Phill would hire as his “guardian”. During the podcast release Club Random However, Bill Maher’s Cranston said that the story will continue as it was. A sequel is officially in development.

Always Friends – Bryan Cruston and the controversy that he played a paralyzed character

Always friendsreleased in theaters in 2017, has cashed out about $125 million, with a budget of only 27 million. Therefore, it is predictable that in an era dominated by reboots and remakes, it was decided to create a story that many viewers will appreciate. Despite the commercial success that led to the decision to make a sequel, Bryan Cruston has been at the center of much controversy due to his portrayal of a paralyzed character. – as he himself recalled during the release of the podcast:

I got a lot of shit for this movie. I’m a non-disabled actor playing a disabled character. I was quite surprised when I received such a backlash. But then I thought that disabled actors don’t often get a chance. So in this case, you can only have the point of view of a 66 year old white male. You can understand but you can’t know what it’s like to live in this skin.

Cruston again during the interview reflected on the very meaning of the profession of an actor and what it means to “act”, stating that there are many actors who have given life to great interpretations of disabled characters, including Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman And Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot. So we’ll see if the controversy resumes when the sequel is announced. Always friends. At this time, no further details have been released about the project, which will see Brian Cruston and Kevin Hart return as Philip Lacasse and Dell Scott. However, the French original remained an isolated case. Critics and public recognition, Almost a friendhe saw them as protagonists François Cluzet and Omar Seeworld-famous thanks to the film.

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