Post: San Remo 2023: here’s who will win the Festival according to bookmakers

We are close to the start of the Sanremo 2023 festival and if you want to bet on the winner, these are the official prices for sisal.

Do you like to take risks and want to use part of your savings for betting? Doesn’t have to be sports? Well, Sanremo Festival this is one of those events that Sisal officially takes into account in order to be able to express their confidence in who will win by betting money on him. Meanwhile, as we learned a few days ago, the artistic composition of the upcoming Sanremo Festival completed.

There 73rd edition singing event that will take place broadcast on Rai1 from Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 Februarywill again have an impeccable conductor and art direction Amadeus fourth year in a row in this role (and we already know that he is also approved for 2024). Next to him as a permanent co-host will be Gianni Morandi. The first and last evening will be held on the stage of the Ariston Theatre. Claire Ferragniwhile Francesca Fagnani she will be the co-host on Wednesdays. However, on Thursday and Friday it will be the turn of the Italian volleyball player, respectively. Paula Egonou and to the actress Claire Franchini. But before talking about chances of possible winnerswe remember well who are the singers in the competition:

  • ANNA OKSA – Sali (Song of the Soul)
  • ARIES – Sea of ​​​​problems
  • ARTICLE 31 – Good trip
  • CLUE UNCLE – I don’t want
  • Elodie – Two
  • Gianluca GRIGNANI – when you are out of breath
  • JANMARIA – Monster
  • GEORGIA – Bad words
  • VILLAGE Cousins – Letter 22
  • LAZZA – Ashes
  • LDA – If then tomorrow
  • LEO GASSMANN – Third heart
  • LEVANT – I live
  • MADAM – Good in bad
  • MARA SATTEI – Two thousand minutes
  • MARCO MENGONI – Two lives
  • FASHION‘ – Leave me
  • Mr. RAIN – Super Heroes
  • OLLY – Dust
  • CHEMICAL PINK – Made in Italy
  • SETHU – Lost Reasons
  • SHARY – Selfish
  • TANANAI – Tango
  • LAST – Sunrise
  • WILL – Stupid

Sanremo 2023: sisal prices for bets following the festival

According to Sisal bookmakers (or if you prefer bookmakers) to win Sanremo Festival Sarah Marco Mengoni, because he has the lowest quotation among all the singers who participated in the competition. If you bet 10 euros on it, you will win 30 euros. Soon after that Georgia And Last, both are given in a ratio of 3.5:1, i.e. for 10 euros, if one of them wins, 35 euros will be collected. They follow Lazza, Elodies And madamwith increasing quotes, and in the last position we find country cousins And Will, data 150:1. If you bet €10 on them, you would put €1,500 in your pocket if you won.

However, there are many categories of bets on sisal. You can invest your money risking ranking as a singer like horses on a racetrack, or betting on the latest ad, the Critics’ Prize, a TV promotion, and even an outfit. Amadeus prime time if he has a bow tie or tie.

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