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Post: Oscars 2023: Commitment to move to cinema returns


To enter the competition for the next Oscars in 2023, a film will definitely have to go through the hall: we are returning to the ancients, after tolerating exclusive streams due to the pandemic.

After tolerance due to the pandemicacademy announced that for Oscar 2023 will be back for every film that wants to compete for statuettesobligatory access to the halls American. In recent releases streaming originals welcomed, now everything is returning to the old: at least symbolically, feature films will have to be shown on the big screen. With what rules?
[foto dell’Oscar a cura di Martin Vorel, foto della sala a cura di LiDayo, entrambe da Wikimedia Commons]

Oscars 2023, competing films will have to have a theatrical release

Stop Exclusives streaming: films participating inOscar 2023 will have to, as it was before the pandemic, be sure to walk through the halls, even if only for limited distribution. In particular, the classic rules for feature and short films are returning: films must be scheduled between October and November 2022 (depending on categories), at least a week in six US metropolitan areas. These are Los Angeles County, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta.
A move that takes on symbolic meaning, in the days when there are various signals that change the size of streaming in favor of relaunch of the cinematic experience: Tom Cruise and his hymn to the big screen Cannes with Top Shooter: Maverickthe advent of films intended for cinema, on Warner Bros. at the behest of the new CEO, the approach Netflix American networks for a 45-day program of their most anticipated originals.
It is too early to say whether it will actually trend reversal and a return to a pre-pandemic commercial situation, but these are encouraging signs: the general public still seems to en masse represent itself when it comes to super heroes And historical brandsit remains only to try to call him back to the room for everything else.

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