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Post: Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts in new comedy


Amazon Studios will soon show viewers a new comedy starring Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston And Julia Roberts join forces to outshine everyone in the new comedy. Amazon Studios they won the rights battle and acquired a romantic comedy starring two iconic Hollywood actresses. The project already has a director. on board too Max Barbakovalready known for his attempt palm springs From Netflix and who also appears in the project as a screenwriter. Given the two lead actresses, it’s not hard to imagine why the film was in such high demand. Amazon Studios has thus obtained the rights, and therefore it is likely that the film will be streamed on Prime Video.

New comedy with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston

The project has not yet clarified the details of the plot, so we do not know what characters the two actresses will play. It doesn’t even have a title, but it has identified an initial theme: it will be based on body swap. Little memory of how Crazy Friday With Lindsay Lohan And Jamie Lee Curtis, they can end up in each other’s bodies, living each other’s lives. Produced by LuckyChap Entertainment, the comedy features Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and the director, who are also part of the production team. To date, there are still too few details to deepen the knowledge of the film.

It’s also true that Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston have well-established careers behind them. The first owes almost everything to the rom-coms. Success knocked on his door pretty WomanThe cult film with Richard Gere is still loved in Hollywood. And recently, Julia Roberts reappeared in films with George Clooney like the protagonist of another comedy, ticket to heaven, shaking off the charm of a romantic comedy. For her part, Jennifer Aniston showed off her comedic streak in Friends, and in film, she starred in movies like Week from God I hate you, I leave you, you…, my fake wife, How to Kill the Boss…and Live Happily And How can I sell your family. It will be interesting to see them work together on a new comedy for Amazon Studios. Both have been in the scene in the past, starring in Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day.

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