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Post: Teen Wolf: The Movie, Jeff Davis on a possible sequel: who will be the main character


A sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie is possible, according to the show’s creator, but who will be the main character? Jeff Davis is interested in passing the baton.

AND continuation From Teen Wolf: The Movie? A possibility that cannot be ruled out, according to the show’s creator. Jeff Davis he first worked on a television series of the same name, which aired from 2011 to 2017 on TV. The project received a follow-up six years later, with most of the original cast returning to Beacon Hills. Tyler Posey he admitted that he would like to work on another Teen Wolf project and that he would be open to a new film with more responsibility. Now, though, it’s Jeff Davis who unzips himself in the next sequel as he ponders who the new protagonist might be.

Teen Wolf: the film may have a sequel, who will be the main character

For Teen Wolf fans, the return to Beacon Hills was bittersweet, given the absence of some of the characters. Dylan O’Brien And Arden Cho they chose not to participate in the sequel, thus avoiding the involvement of their characters (Stiles and Kira). The continuation of the film hit the streaming on the American platform Paramount+ January 26, 2023, and in Italy it is still unpublished. The storyline brought Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, back to town to help Chris Argent with a ritual for his daughter Allison. This allowed Jeff Davis to get busy again Crystal Reed in Wolf. His Allison died in the third season of the series, but thanks to a trick, she appeared in the sequel. Reflecting on the future, Jeff Davis explained that New film it could come true and he would even already have an idea for the next protagonist.

In the movie Derek HaleTyler Hoechlin) reappeared in Beacon Hills, but in the company of his son Eli (Vince Mattis). And he could be the lead in the next movie. In an interview with Insider TVJeff Davis took to the issue directly, explaining that if there was a chance to make a second Teen Wolf movie, he would probably focus on Eli as a sort of character. handover.

Yes, the movie and TV series are called Teen Wolf, so I like the idea of ​​passing the torch. Vince is a great guy, I fell in love with his character while writing the script and seeing Vince bring him to life on screen was a joy. So I would say that the next story should probably start with him.

It’s also true that with the name Teen Wolf, any movie or TV series should have teenagers as the main characters. This means that the original cast may not return, or perhaps return in part and as minor characters, making way for a new generation of werewolves.

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