Post: M. Night Shyamalan: “You won’t see Knock on the Door on iPad”

Director M. Night Shyamalan asks viewers not to watch Knock on the Door on iPads or other devices, but only in theaters. And he explains why.

He arrives at the cinema February 2 new mystery movie M. Night Shyamalan, Knock on the door and the director asks the fans for a small favor, which is to go to the cinema and not watch the movie on the small screen of an iPad, PC, or worse. So, if you thought you’d see it when it’s available to stream on some site, know that the good Shyamalan won’t be happy with it, and from what he says, he might be right on the sale.

Why ‘Knock on the Door’ should be seen in theaters: Shyamalan tells us

There are films (all?), of course, which, when viewed on a small screen, even in high definition, lose their meaning, but above all this home vision that punishes attention that some stories require. In an SFX interview M. Night Shyamalanwho was recently in Rome to present the film to the press and the public, spoke about a problem concerning his own Knock on the door, which will hit theaters on February 2 in Italy and February 3 in America. “I wish they could see ‘Knock on the Door’ on the iPad while running on the treadmill (a habit that seems to be a lot of people). “No,” the director asked and answered, then added, “I want to be very clear; audiences are dying to go to the cinema to see good movies… everything is there. If Home Alone came out today, it would still be a huge hit. It’s the same if Back to the Future came out today.”

This is not to say that Shyamalan is comparing his relatively small film to the blockbusters he mentioned, but he rightly emphasizescinema experience: “There is nothing like when a group of 500 strangers get together to watch history together, not doing other things at the same time, but doing. It’s a much deeper experience.” After all, when you think about it, how many times have we watched a movie at home, and then thought that it would certainly be better to see it in a cinema? So Knock on the door waiting for you the day after tomorrow in the hall to experience this collective experience.

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