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Post: Alec Baldwin charged with manslaughter


Prosecutors accuse Alec Baldwin of manslaughter

WASHINGTON, February 1 – RIA Novosti. The New Mexico Attorney’s Office has formally filed a criminal complaint against film actor Alec Baldwin for the manslaughter of a female cameraman. Writer Deadline according to official documentation.

Material submitted to the court alleges that Baldwin actually neglected the mandatory training in the use of firearms on the set of the “Rust” (“Rust”) western that he produced. He failed to request that the pistol be inspected at least twice by a staff gunsmith, violating the “first rule of gun safety” and pointed it at operator Galina Hutchins.

“Baldwin’s deviation from known standards, practices, and protocols directly led to Hutchins’ death … there is sufficient evidence to believe that Baldwin committed manslaughter,” the document states.

The prosecution plans to file a similar charge against Hannah Guterres-Rid, the film’s gunsmith.

In October 2021, Baldwin fired a pistol during a rehearsal that turned out to be loaded with real ammunition and not empty shells. As a result, Ukrainian Galina Hutchins died, director Joel Souza was seriously injured. The actor stated that the cameraman did not pull the trigger of the gun with which he was killed. According to him, the shooting took place spontaneously.

Source: Ria

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