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Post: The Ministry of Culture explains why it requested a report on the exhibition from the Tretyakov Gallery


Ministry of Culture: A report on exposure was requested from the Tretyakov Gallery in response to a complaint

MOSCOW, January 31 – RIA Novosti. It was reported that the Ministry of Culture requested a report on the compliance of the permanent exhibition with moral and moral values ​​from the Tretyakov Gallery in order to respond to the complaint in a timely manner.

“A letter from the leadership of the Department of Museums and Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Culture of Russia was sent to the General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery when preparing a response to a citizen’s application received by the agency. Application Working with such documents includes asking the necessary background information from subordinate institutions in order to write a response to a citizen,” he said.

The department also noted that the deadline for an official response is determined by the laws of the Russian Federation, only this fact is connected with the museum’s determination of the deadline for the response.

“It expires a few days after the deadline set by the Tretyakov Gallery, and it is necessary to analyze the information received and prepare an official response from the department,” the press release said.

Earlier, the media reported that the Ministry of Culture sent a letter to the Tretyakov Gallery, demanding that it “report the content of permanent displays and exhibitions in the State Tretyakov Gallery to conform to spiritual and moral values.” Allegedly, the letter was needed before February 6 to prepare a response to the corresponding complaint that reached the ministry.

Source: Ria

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