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Post: Bridgerton star has left the series and will not appear in season three


Bridgertons star Phoebe Dinevor has left the series and will not appear in a third season.

MOSCOW, January 31 – RIA Novosti. Bridgerton star Phoebe Dinevor has left the series and will not appear in the third season. Writer Deadline by citing sources.

According to the publication, the actor fulfilled his obligations under the contract.

Phoebe played Daphne Bridgerton. The entire first season of the show was devoted to his character’s relationship with the Duke of Hastings (Rege Page). The series is set in an alternate Victorian London. The characters Page and Dynevor were in love, but their troubles did not end even after they got married. In the show, the perception of fatherhood, the difference in education and experience between representatives of different classes and genders, and how people who love each other can establish a dialogue were told about how men overcome psychological traumas in childhood.

Withdrawn from the Bridgertons series
Withdrawn from the TV series “The Bridgertons”

The mysterious Lady Whistledown wrote about the relationship between the duke and Daphne and the secrets of the other heroes in her newsletter. His word can seriously affect the fate of others. The Whistledown pamphlet was even read by the queen.

The project, which was released in 2020, was successful and turned the actors into stars. The second season premiered in 2022. There were other characters already in the center. Rege Page did not appear in the new episodes, and Dynevor only appeared in five episodes.

A still from the second season teaser of The Bridgertons
A still from the trailer of the second season of “The Bridgertons”

The show has been extended. It is known that the third season will be dedicated to Penelope Featherington. At the end of the second, the girl accidentally overheard Colin Bridgerton’s conversation with his friends. The young man she had loved for a long time laughed at her.

Deadline writes that in the new series Penelope will reconsider her attitude and priorities towards herself. He will look for a partner who will respect his independence and interests. However, it is difficult for him to reach his goal because of his self-doubt. The same Colin will come to the rescue. She doesn’t understand why her childhood friend now looks down on her and dreams of returning her kindness again.

Source: Ria

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