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Amici 22 Episode Preview Sunday Feb 5th: Samu Challenge Result


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Today, Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Sunday, February 5, the nineteenth episode of Amici was shown.

Today Wednesday February 1st the nineteenth episode of Amici aired on Sunday 5 February.. Let’s find out what happened achievements distribution from Twitter pages Friends News and colleagues of the portal SuperGuideTV.

Amici 22: Sunday Feb 5 Preview

  • Vocal competition, judges: Baby K, Francesco Sarcina and Beppe Vessicchio
  • Dance Judge: Rossella Brescia
  • Guest rapper Bresh

Amici 22: Samu’s Long-Awaited Challenge

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Samu won challenge against Matthias Fazan. The dancer finally won the day shirt. Now he can try to snatch this evening together with everyone.

Dance competition: all the details

Isobel and Ramon do not participate in any race. Two already have an Evening shirt and can enjoy the show in peace. Samuel, Vanessa and Eleanor were eliminated on the last episode and for a week. Madelena was summoned by Celentano, who asked her to make an extra “click” so as not to risk going home. Megan also received compliments from Emanuel.

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Here is the rating:

  • Maddalena: Rossella Brescia said she was a champion, prima donna
  • Alexei danced industrial child
  • Gianmarco danced Black and gold, infected modern piece. The referee says that what he is doing seems easy, but it is not. For Brescia, he has great energy.
  • Samu danced I’m sorry Justin Bieber
  • Paki dancing Give me Love. Rossella Brescia tells him that what he is doing is great, but he can give more.
  • Benedetta danced with Umberto Let’s get noisy
  • Megan

Isobel performs on notes frozen Madonnas. Even Ramon, who, like Isobel, had already received a Serale shirt, performed a solo with neoclassical choreography in this episode.

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Absent in the series: Mattia.

Vocal competition: rating

  • Niveo sang So cold Nada. Lorella doesn’t give him a Serale shirt so as not to hinder his growth, at least not yet.
  • The clique sang Fall like stars James Arthur
  • Angelina sang Endless Gino Paoli and Ornella Vanoni. The singer was afraid that she would be judged differently, because Maria De Filippi reminded Vessicchio who her father was, and the latter said that he knew him well. However, there is no doubt that this knowledge did not affect judgment in the slightest.
  • NDG sang Papautai
  • Little G sang Money Mahmoud
  • Federica who sang I realized that I love you Tenco on a par with Zhore. The last one sang This stupid love song of ours and Sarchina told him that he should “enjoy it” more.
  • Wax sings Men. The last place this time doesn’t knock him down like last time. The words of Maria de Filippi inspired him greatly.

Missing episode: Aaron.

Racing for additional prizes

A new dance competition judged by the professional Sebastian was called to win a performance at a show called Open. The challengers were: Maddalena, Alessio and Gianmarco, and defeated Alessio, who danced refinement Bruno Mars. Instead, the Magdalene danced. Bad guy Billie Eilish and Gianmarco choreography to sheet music i came from the moon.

An unpublished competition for participation in the festival has been announced for singing. Vessicchio judged her. It was Angelina who beat Cricky and Niveo.

Between Alessandra Celentano and Emanuel Lo, Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini, Celentano and Todaro.

Megan decided to give up Raimondo Todaro for Emanuel Lo. The girl completed her master’s task for the first time and passed it brilliantly. Then the latter asked his colleague if he could take the dancer as an apprentice to his team.

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  • Tim Award: Dance of the Magdalene Idealpas de deux with Simone.
  • Oreo Award: Gianmarco

Radio contest of unpublished works: who will win?

Unreleased songs by Piccolo G and Federica were the most listened to this week.

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