Post: Paddington 3 on which stage they’re filming: Ben Whishaw’s disappointing update

It’s been a few years since Paddington Bear Part 2 was released, and Ben Whishaw has just shared some disappointing information about a third movie still on hold.

At what point is this Paddington 3? To reveal some more information, however disappointing it may be, Ben Whishaw, the original voice actor for the cute little bear from mysterious Peru. The actor is to this day best known for voicing a bear born from imagination. Michael Bond as a character in English literature. After success on paper Paddington came to cinema with his first film in 2014. Director Paul King who also co-wrote the screenplay with Hamish McCall, the first experiment was well received by critics and the public, so much so that it merited a second film released in 2017. But what will become of the third?

Paddington 3 when? Ben Whishaw talks about the project

Although the little ones know Ben Whishaw mostly from Paddington, his career is full of ideas. The actor has appeared in various films about 007 such as skyfall, Ghost AND No time to dieas well as other projects such as The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield, women talk, Suffragettes, Danish girl, Waiting for the king AND Mary Poppins is back. During the Sundance Film Festival to the microphones Colliders Ben Whishaw has revealed that he still does not have access to the script for the third Paddington film.

I haven’t read the script and don’t even know when to shoot it. I wouldn’t know. I thought it had already happened by now, but it didn’t. At the moment, everything is shrouded in silence, as is often the case with these projects. Maybe it just means they are still working on it or it will never happen or you just don’t know.

Much is unknown about the fate of Paddington. A bear from mysterious Peru, who burst into London in his red hat and a sandwich with jam in the pocket of a worn coat, quickly conquered the cinema with a wonderful cast. Adopted by the Brown family, Paddington quickly became a mascot. Even the sequel film has made its way into the hearts of viewers, becoming a product that young and old alike can enjoy. But what will happen to the third film? At the moment, not even a date has been set for the start of filming and release in cinemas. Ben Whishaw was rather vague, but emphasized that he did not know about the fate of Paddington at the moment. One of the latest news relates to 2022, when the director reversed, giving way to Douglas Wilson. The third chapter would even have a title, Paddington in Peruand hints that the bear will return to South America.

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