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Post: Benedetta: Paul Verhoeven’s controversial film finally arrives in Italian cinemas


Nearly two years after its presentation at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, and three years after its creation, it will finally be in Italian cinemas thanks to Inspired Cinema, which tells the (more or less true) story of Benedetta Carlini, the abbess. , mystic and seer, accused of homosexuality and heresy.

We almost did not hope for it. And instead, almost two years after its presentation at the competition in Cannes Film Festival 2021and three or more from its implementation, Blessed – “Scandal” movie Paul Verhoeven interpreted Virginia Efira – will arrive in Italian cinemas, distributed Films inspired by from 2nd of March next.
An extreme, provocative and ironic film, like all the works of this great Dutch director, too free and sober to please those who hold wallets in this modern industry that offers us cowardly and homogenized content, Blessed tells a story that is trivial and sublime at the same time: one more or less invented by the director, which, however, was based on the book by Professor Judith S. “Unclean Deeds: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy.” Brown – from Benedetta Carlinia nun of the monastery of Pescia in Tuscany, who in the seventeenth century was first considered a mystic and seer, and then accused of homosexuality and heresy.
The cast of the film, in addition to Ether as the main character, there is also Charlotte Rampling (priest of a monastery) Lambert Wilson (apostolic nuncio) and a young woman Daphne Patakiavery similar to Sea Vaktinterpreter for Bartholomew, a nun seduced by Benedetta.
To know more about the film, you can read review written by Cannes 2001 and below is the original official trailer:

In the late 17th century, plague struck Italy. Benedetta Carlini enters the monastery of Pescia in Tuscany as a novice. From an early age, she was known for performing miracles. Her entry into the monastic community changed the lives of her sisters in a fundamental way.

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