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Post: James Gunn Reveals Which Comics Inspired DC’s New Era


The co-president of DC Studios revealed on Twitter which comics inspired the first phase of the new DC Universe.

James Gunn unzips more about the future DCU Extension. After announcing what projects are in development and what he will mainly focus on, the DC Studios co-CEO also shared another tidbit with fans. Gunn hails from the Marvel Universe. Worked on a directorial trilogy guardians of the galaxythe last chapter of which is Volume 3 — arrives in 2023 and represents his (at least brief) goodbye to the MCU. In parallel, he is moving so far towards creating a new DCU structure that he has launched the so-called Phase 1which also answers the title: Gods and monsters. Via Twitter, a social network widely used by the director, James Gunn told fans that he was most influenced by the DC Comics shortlist for the next phase of superheroes.

James Gunn reveals the comic book titles that inspired the first phase of the DCU

WITH Peter Safran With whom he shares the throne at the top of the DCU, James Gunn announced what the studio’s first projects are, tracing a timeline that includes the next ten years of entertainment. An ambitious goal full of ideas, many of which come from comics. James Gunn, in fact, during the announced press conference, stressed the importance of storytelling in the new DC team that wants to be true to the comics. To do this shortly after turning off TwitterGunn shared the details with his followers, citing some of the comic book titles that influenced the new era of DC. One already known concern Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

After James Gunn, it became clear that of great importance for this new phase is All Star Superman and Batman Volume 1, Omnibus of power Warren Ellis e Ultimate Swamp Thing Vol. 1. This is a new era for the DC Universe, led by James Gunn, who has already set some points. For example, Superman will return but won’t play Henry Cavill. And Batman it will not feature traits from any of the previous actors cast in the DCU. The goal of the studio co-presidents is to create an interconnected universe between film, television and – why not? – even video games. All stories told in any form of entertainment will be inspired by comics, trying to be as authentic as possible. But, as he clarified on Twitter, this is not a comic book adaptation, but rather “recreating the feel, look and tone of what are milestones for our team.”

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