Post: Green coast, Tatyana Maslany the main character of the new film

After her success with She-Hulk Attorney at Law, Tatiana Maslany tries her hand at a new sci-fi project called Green Shore and shares the scene with Jasmine Savoy Brown.

Can you imagine a world where the use of radio and Wi-Fi is prohibited? Here’s what will happen in Green Banka new sci-fi film whose protagonist Tatiana Maslany. After the success achieved in Black orphan and return to the stage She Hulk: Attorney at Law, the actress embarks on a new project set in the not-too-distant future, when the use of Wi-Fi, cellular signals, and radio transmissions is strictly prohibited in America. Cause? Absolutely unknown. All information is kept under lock and key: residents of this small American town are asked to follow strict rules without the right to negotiate.

Zeleny Bereg, Tatiana Maslany in the roles of a new science fiction film

In addition to Tatyana Maslany, the cast of the Green Coast is also involved. Jasmine Savoy Brown who plays a sleep coach. The woman has been hired by the family to help their child, and slowly discovers that the couple is scarier than they seem. Written Aaron Horwitz and under the guidance Josh Reuben, the film also enlists Big Swell Entertainment’s Andy Horwitz as a producer. According to the director, reportedly diversity:

In a market where original horror thrillers are big at the box office, we don’t need more proof: audiences want to have fun in the theater again. This is the magic word. Fun. Horror is classically bulletproof, and Green Bank has the complete package in that regard: it’s smart, scary, and terribly funny.

For Tatyana Maslany, this is not the first horror project in her career. Prior to Green Bank, the Canadian actress starred in Lycanthropy Apocalypse AND Diary of the Dead. Fame came with performances on the small screen, especially with Black orphan where he tested his versatility by playing multiple clones at the same time. Jasmine Savoy Brown is now dabbling in the horror genre too, starring in scream in 2022 and also back to Creek VI. As for the project, Dave Bishop (CEO of Protagonist Pictures), added in a note published by diversity“Josh has come up with the perfect rollercoaster horror that deftly delivers on the promise of shocking, exhilarating and thrilling audiences while making them smile.”

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