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Post: Christie’s will return stolen 1945 painting to collector’s heirs


According to the court, Christie’s will return the stolen painting in 1945 to the heirs of the collector Hauser.

MOSCOW, February 3 – RIA Novosti. The court ordered Christie’s to return to Lionel Hauser’s heirs the painting “Penitent Magdalene” (1707), by Dutch master Adrian van der Werff, stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The collector announced his loss in 1945. writer artnet.

Hauser is Marcel Proust’s cousin. He said that on October 23, 1942, the Nazis confiscated 40 works of art from him, including The Penitent Magdalene.

The painting was included in a list of private property looted by the Nazis. But for some reason this information escaped during the sale of Adrian van der Werff’s painting in 2005. Then the plot went under the hammer for 60,000 pounds ($115,185).

The current owner of the work has decided to re-auction the canvas in 2017. Then the fate of the picture followed. Christie’s offered to divide the profits from its sale between the heirs and the person who now owns it. Table not returned.

It is unknown whether the auction house will appeal the court’s decision. There is a fine of 500 Euros per month for delay in return.

Source: Ria

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