Post: The Queen reacted to the rumors about her divorce from Tarzan.

The Queen responded to Volochkova’s remarks about the divorce from Tarzan

MOSCOW, February 3 – RIA Novosti. Natasha Koroleva denied rumors of divorce from her husband Tarzan (Sergey Glushko). reported Lisa magazine.

“All is well with us: peace, quiet and God’s grace. This year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary of our official marriage. But we have actually been together for 22 years. We have been “bred” many times during this time. And we live and enjoy life!” – shared the artist.

According to the singer, she was not surprised that Anastasia Volochkova spread the rumor about the separation of the spouses.

“I did not watch the program with Nastya. Someone wrote to me about it. At first I did not understand anything. Then they told me:” Nastya Volochkova said! “She can do it, let her tell,” the Queen added. .

Earlier, Pavel Volya joked about the divorce of celebrities in the Comedy Club. After that, Volochkova also announced that the couple broke up. But later the ballerina admitted that her words should not be taken seriously.

The Queen and Tarzan got married in 2003. The artists raised their son Arkhip.

Earlier, Vladimir Presnyakov denied rumors of a divorce from Natalia Podolskaya. The singer also admitted that every year he loves his wife more.

Source: Ria

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