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Men and women, interview with Ida Platano: “I don’t care how much Alessandro earns, I believe in two hearts and a hut!”


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The former couple of the throne over men and women is recognized in the weekly dedicated to the program.

“We will always remember the tattoo we got together in Miami. Little frog, but don’t ask us what it means, it’s what will remain ours.”. Joyfully, excitedly, excitedly: Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza they are a couple Man and woman what makes you dream. After so much suffering, the Sicilian hairdresser – a self-made woman, as she wants to emphasize – is happy again. roller coaster with Richard Guarnieri perhaps they led her to believe that serenity was not for her.

Men and women, Ida Platano: “I never asked Alessandro how much he earns”

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Instead of Alexander he managed to overwhelm her with patience and kindness, romantic gestures and close courtship that lasted almost a year. “We always see each other, every week. Everything is going well, I have so much to say, but I speak slowly… good luck!” he replied Ida to which the former knight immediately assented:

“This story is a cyclone of emotions! We overcome the distance. We see each other every week and take the opportunity to visit many places together: we were in Madrid, Florence, Palermo, celebrated the New Year in Turin. .. and finally this week trip to Miami which was my Christmas present for Ida and allowed us to spend many days together. On this trip I experienced everyday life with Ida and I really enjoyed it: we had fun, we relaxed .. .Even I can’t say that I discovered something new about her, because it seems to me that I always know her (smiles). Disputes? us, outside the studio, we never seriously argued. Of course, it is normal to disagree from time to time, but in small things .. “

Alexander He then recounted one moment of their journey:

“Definitely the tattoo that we made together and that will remain on our skin for life! This is our symbol and will remain ours: she was born some time ago, at the first stage of our acquaintance within the framework of the program. It’s not a frog. But a few days before that, an extremely significant episode occurred for me: on Christmas Day, Ida called me and said that she was leaving for the mountains for a few days. I’ve been waiting for this change! I can’t say that I went to bed happy. But when I woke up at a quarter to seven, a surprise awaited me: /da was at my house with my son. I melted like ice. cream, I needed a straw to lift me up”

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Ida he wanted to answer all the frivolous people who hint as to the economic situation of his partner:

“Firstly, I am a woman who has always provided for herself, built a business, bought a house, manages employees, raises a child. I did all this myself. some men who were next to me, I did it with joy. To be honest, I never asked Ale how much he earns, how much he has in his current account, whether he has a house, land. When I associate with a person, whether he is poor, rich, very rich, I don’t care. I never asked my parents for a euro, let alone a man. Alessandro gave me this beautiful gift, Miami, and the rest of the shoes, bags, clothes are mine, I’m crying. As is the electricity bill. I believe in two hearts and a hut. And I also say that I was courted by very rich men, if I was looking for this …

Talking about the possibility of becoming a father, Alexander he declared:

“Of course, I still want children, but now we are not trying: Ida and I are trying to live there as best we can and feel good every day, finding our balance. If we really decide to have a baby together, it won’t happen either in the near future or in the too distant future.”

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IdaFor his part, he clarified:

“We haven’t talked about it in detail yet. Of course, I always said that I want a second child. But at the moment it’s premature: marriage is not an idea I’m considering.”

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