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Post: Sanremo 2023, Marco Mengoni: “I challenge myself at the festival”


The song “Due Vite” will be the banner of Marco Mengoni at the Sanremo Festival in 2023 with the idea of ​​having fun and challenging yourself. Ten years have passed since the victory with “L’essenziale”, as Il Fatto Quotidiano reminds us.

It is called “Two lifes“The song that Marco Mengoni will lead to Sanremo Music Festival 2023 (February 7-11), part of the third trilogy album”Matter“, which already includes “Matter (Earth)” (2021) and “Matter (Skin)” (2022). come back highly symbolic for a songwriter who has already won the festival ten years ago with one of his favorite songs”Vital“. As Marco explained to Il Fatto Quotidiano, this participation has two purposes: to challenge yourself and, above all, to have fun.

Marco Mengoni on ‘Due Vite’ at Sanremo 2023: ‘The song asked me to bring it on stage’

Marco Mengoni back to the pleasurable crime scene, to that stage Sanremo Festival who guaranteed him victory with “Vital“Ten Years Ago. Song”Two lifes“is part of the third act Trilogy “Matter”: “It’s also quite hard to see […] how everything has changed in me. Then, of course, my team, Amadeus, joined in, and in a sense, they also named the song Two Lives for me. […] If you would like to take me on this stage, I would be happy too!”
Mengoni, who will also record the gods from the Festival. podcast with Fabio De Luigi by name”Coffee with lemon“, next month he will leave with his tours who will complete us on July 8, in Sanremo he will bring his cover to his beloved “Let It Be” door The Beatlesbecause “this is a song that any musician dreams of writing, a piece that […] timeless and conveys a universal message.”
Returning to “Two Lives”, we are talking about “monsters and fairies“in a relationship, but who will they be?” “In a two-way relationship, things are exchanged and you become monsters and fairies at the same time. In my dreams monsters are the ones i don’t want to see in the wizarding world, […] monsters that of necessity appear at night: fears, inconveniences and torments.

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