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Post: Spoiler alert: Jim Parsons tells a true love story perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Jim Parson brought to film, and soon to television, the true love story of Michael Osiello and Keith Cowan, the protagonists of Spoiler Alert.

Love is in the airalso from the cinematic side, and one of the last films that talks about love, Beware, spoilers. Main character Jim Parsonsbest known to most as Sheldon’s translator The Big Bang Theory. That said, Parsons has brought some interesting characters to life on the big screen over the years, but the most recent is certainly the one who stars in Spoiler Beware. The plot is based on a true story, Michael Osiello. A well-known American entertainment journalist, he wrote a memoir titled “Spoiler Warning” in which he talked about his 14-year romance with Keith.

Spoiler, love date with Jim Parsons

Anyone who follows American magazines passionately must have read Michael Osiello’s autograph from time to time. Entertainment journalist, is one of the flagship Entertainment Weekly. Accustomed to talking about what is happening on the big and small screen, Michael Osiello at some point wanted to put a painful piece of his life on paper. In her memoirs, she spoke about an affair with Keith Cowan, a photographer with whom he lived 14 years of his life and who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. They got married in 2014 in New York after 13 years of relationship. A year after the wedding, Keith died. But Osiello wanted to remember their history and the last eleven months of Keith’s life in a memoir entitled Spoiler alert: the hero dies. In 2022, this story became a movie. Jim Parsons plays the reporter. The kit instead has features Ben Aldridge.

Written David Marshall Grant AND Dan Savage, Michael Osiello is also among the executive producers of the film. The latter released an interview for Collider some time ago in which he revealed how his love story was faithfully presented on the big screen, which he believes is an absolutely fundamental detail.

Some aspects of the book I wanted to capture on film. Everyone agreed with this. One of the most important details concerns chaotic relationships. People are not perfect. And we shouldn’t flatten those edges or sugarcoat aspects, because that’s the reality, and I think that’s what makes the book and movie more real.

Spoiler Alert was released briefly in theaters in the United States only in December 2022 and, again in the States, will soon debut on streaming on Peacock for Saint Valentine.

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