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Post: Paola Caruso, her son Michel is recovering and walking again


The story that struck Paola Caruso and her son Michele, who is only 4 years old, was frightening and the little one has yet to fully recover. However, the dancer showed the first successes of the baby, sharing her joy with the fans. Let’s see it together.

Paula Caruso he experienced difficult moments due to the position of the small Michelle, only 4 years old. The dancer and actress told Sylvia Toffanin To very true about the terrible misfortune that the son suffered and which prevented him from walking. But it seems that the sun is finally returning to her and the baby.

Paola Caruso, moments of joy for little Michele

Guest very true, Paula Caruso he said that after a very high fever that struck his son while they were on holiday abroad, the child was treated by a local doctor who injected him with a drug considered toxic and dangerous to babies. The bite would cause his sciatic nerve paralysis, and therefore the baby would be unable to walk.

A terrible story primarily because a child is involved in it and what prompted the dancer to sue the doctor precisely in order to prevent a recurrence of such cases. Caruso he said that it would take several months and a lot of physical therapy before the baby regained full motor functions. Fortunately, the situation already seems to be gradually improving. In fact, the dancer shared with fans photos from her visit to the fans. Museum of Dreamers Milan, where she and Michele visited.

The actress showed the small but progressive improvements that her son is making, and the photographs show a happy mother and son in different halls of the exhibition: Michele can only walk thanks to a corset, but there is hope that he will soon recover and walk again. without outside help. accompanying the photographs, Paula Caruso added the phrase:Whoever dreams can achieve unimaginable goals.” a wish of hope for your child.

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