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Post: Big Brother Vip, flashback between Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini? Model Recognition


Ivana Mrazova unbalanced on Luca Onestin to Big Brother Vip: “I was thinking of marrying him.”

Last episode Big Brother VIPwhich aired yesterday Monday 6 February 2023 on Canale 5, saw long-awaited return to Ivana Mrazova’s Cinecittà House. The entrance that literally ousted Luca OnestiniWHO he couldn’t hide his emotions.

Ivana Mrazova wants to return to Luca Onestin? Talk to her

Six years after his first engagement, Ivana Mrazova returned to Big Brother Vip’s house, where she also found Luca Onestini.. To talk to Nikita Pelizon after the live broadcast, the beautiful model revealed the reasons that prompted her to return to the game and her real intentions towards ex-boyfriend:

I don’t know if he still loves. There must have been a good feeling between us. Our history was quite important, I was thinking of marrying him. I understand everything, but I clarify that I did not come here to get back together with Luka, but we’ll see. Then I will calmly tell you what I think about your situation, which I saw from the side.

There Onestin reaction did not go unnoticed pelisonwhat he pointed out Mrazova that her ex might still have feelings for her:

I don’t know, but I think he still loves you. I think so, I see it and I think so. He said the strong words “she’s my last”. So I think there is still a strong feeling. I hope that being here will reconcile the relationship between you, no matter what. But I hope so, we’ll see. Because when he read your letter, I saw the desire in his eyes, and that’s the main thing. Regardless of what happened in the episode and the fact that I still feel bad about this situation. Because I didn’t want what you saw to happen…

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