Post: Sanremo 2023, Amadeus reveals the truth about Blanco’s outburst: “Here’s what he was supposed to do with the flowers”

Blanco destroys everything on stage at the Sanremo Festival and is booed by the audience.

Issue 73 Sanremo Festival. The young singer became the undisputed star of the first evening blanco who is in the middle of a speech he had problems with sound and, getting nervous, began to destroy all the scenography on the stage Ariston.

Blanco destroys everything on the Sanremo 2023 stage, says Amadeus

First evening 73rd San Remo Festival. it was full of emotion and twists. To everyone’s surprise, Blanco became the protagonist of an unpleasant episode. During the performance of L’Isola delle Rose, which went viral within minutes, the young singer problems with the sound in the headphones and started kicking the set, breaking everything on stage.

Behavior you don’t like The Ariston crowd that started booing Blanco. If the singer decided to remain silent and not comment on what happened Sanremo, Amadeusin connection with Fiorello on Viva Rai2 Viva Sanremo on Rai1 revealed some boy rush background:

In fact, he had to do things with flowers like turn over, it’s not entirely clear what we saw. When I saw that he began to destroy the first things, I did not understand why we hear music. In our box, the sound was not perfect. Only then they left me and said: “Look what you can do”, but I didn’t understand anything then.

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