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Post: Big Brother Vip, Sheila Capriolo exposes Marco Bellavia: “Our paparazzi and Prati story are all fake”


Sheila Capriolo, a female paparazzi with Bellavia last week, blew up on Instagram by exposing former Big Brother Vip contestant.

Last week, Marco Bellavia was the paparazzi for the Chi weekly in the company of Sheila 7 Gold, Sheila Capriolohis ex-girlfriend, in a very intimate relationship.

Gf Vip, “The Fake Story of Marco Bellavia and Pamela Prati” says Sheila Capriolo

The two were immortalized in Milan by exchanging a passionate kiss near the restaurant. The images, among other things, were annoying Pamela Praty that during the last episode gs vip she said she was ill and that Bellavia he let her down.

In fact, it seems that meadows and the former Bim Bum Bam conductor began dating after the former Giffino’s close courtship, which apparently ended rather quickly.

Words Marco during the last meeting with the reality show (“Due to the notoriety of the mouse, it seems to be used”– the former Giffino said in the episode) however, they annoyed Capriolo who on instagram told about one fake paparazzi as well as the alleged fake acquaintance with Prati.

Sheila Capriolo Blast:

Until now I have been silent, but now it is enough. Not only did I get scouted after pictures appeared in the weekly Chi magazine with this funny guy Mr. Marco Bellavia, I was also told in prime time on Gf Vip that I was even a “mouse”. I would also say no here. And I would add that you even had the courage (meaning Bellavia, ed. note) to apologize to a woman (Pamela Prati, ed. note) who no longer interests you. But not only. The history between you two, moreover, never happened, and we know it. So, you who talk a lot about exploitation, you have people behind you who call the papers to say you’ve abandoned them to give interviews and get the best out of it all. A fine, just a fine.”

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