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Post: Die Hart John Travolta Teaches Kevin Hart How To Be A Hero In Trailer


Kevin Hart dreams of becoming an action movie star and is ready to do anything for this: in the new trailer, he, in fact, strictly follows the instructions of a crazy coach with John Travolta traits.

Kevin Hart he wants to become an action hero and is ready to do anything to achieve this goal. All or almost. Born at the beginning as a TV series and then turned into a movie for Prime Video, Die Hart is a comedy action movie and also participates in the cast John Travolta AND Nathalie Emmanuel. In the new trailer, the comedian is one step away from becoming an action star, but how far is he willing to go to make that dream come true?

Die Hart, John Travolta turns Kevin Hart into an action hero

John Travolta plays the crazy coach in the new Die Hart trailer who isn’t afraid to take up arms and set fire to them just to teach a lesson. Kevin Hart wants to be an action hero, so he’ll have to find out what that means at work, according to the trainer. In a new trailer released by Prime Video, the comedian plays a fictional version of himself as he enters an action hero training school. His goal is to work with a famous director. Claude Van De Velde interpreted Jean Reno and for this he has to bite the bullet and go through the hard training of Coach Ron. The actor wants to transition from a career as a comedian to an action star. And Coach Ron is all he has.

V trailer, Kevin Hart talks to his idol, director Claude Van De Velde, who would like him to star in his next film. But since Kevin is unfamiliar with action movies, he needs to attend a special school run by a tough and unorthodox trainer: Ron Wilcox, played by John Travolta. The coach wastes no time and immediately injures the beginner with his extreme methods. Another coach is also supporting the cause, who will help him with physical preparation and show him how to hit. It first began as a ten-episode comedy television series distributed on Quibi. The platform was then shut down and the project turned into an upcoming film. Prime Video February 24, 2023


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