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Post: Moscow State University Zoological Museum introduces its digital twin


Moscow State University Zoological Museum MV Lomonosov (Moscow State University) on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. archive photo

Moscow State University Zoological Museum opens its digital twin with podcasts and 3D models

MOSCOW, February 8 – RIA Novosti. The Zoological Museum of Moscow State University opens on Wednesday, February 8, a digital museum where you can not only see photos and read notes on the work of scientists, but also listen to podcasts and a collected collection of nature sounds. Moscow State University told reporters.

“The Zoological Museum of Moscow State University presented its digital twin to the public on February 8, Russian Science Day. The largest university museum in the country will display scientific collections online for the first time,” the message said. .

As Viktor Sadovnichy, rector of Moscow State University, noted, digitizing scientific collections is an important step in considering scientific heritage. One of the largest collections of objects of the world fauna in Russia is kept in the Zoological Museum.

“The Museum of Zoology under the MSU Development Program has created a digital twin where anyone interested in science can view professional photographs of museum storage objects, evaluate and listen to the collection of nature sounds collected by museum staff on expeditions. A podcast,” Sadovnichy said, his words reached the press service.

As stated in the press service of Moscow State University, collections of objects such as skulls, seashells in the museum were digitized – their 3D models were placed in the virtual space. In the museum, it will be possible to read short notes and long readings about the work of scientists in reserves and expeditions, scientific research, curatorial work.

“The aim of a digital museum is not only to publish meaningful and interesting, entertaining content, but also to create a positive experience of interaction between a virtual visitor and a virtual exhibition, to realize an emotional immersion in the story the museum tells. Director of the Museum of Zoology at Moscow State University, explained in the message. Mikhail Vladimirovich Kalyakin, “said.

According to him, new technologies make it possible to preserve the collection in a new way, systematize information and make it available to the public.

Source: Ria

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