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Post: Sanremo 2023, Blanco breaks silence on social media: “I apologize to the city of flowers”


Blanco’s social apology after performing at the Sanremo Festival.

blanco was undisputed protagonist of the first evening of the 73rd Sanremo Festivalsinging karmessa under control Amadeus. A few hours after his speech, which took everyone by surprise, the young singer decided to break the silence on social networks and publish a post with an apology..

Blanco apologizes to everyone after the outbreak at Sanremo 2023

During first evening of Sanremo 2023, Blanco became the protagonist of an unpleasant episode. Young and beloved singer L’Isola delle Rose he had problems with the sound during the performance and, getting nervous, he began to destroy all the choreography on the stage Ariston. Behavior that everyone criticizes and that led the person concerned to tamper with social media and apologize:

Ariston flowers fall, Ariston flowers break, Ariston curtain falls, I made you cry like my mother Ariston, you saw me as fragile as a child… and here, right here, where you taught me to run, I fell, I crashed my face and I cry Ariston, but then… I laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh and cry, because I’m not as perfect as you wanted me to be, but I’m finally me! I love you, Ariston, with all my madness. Blanco.

At the same time, too Amadeus addressed the topic during the last press conference of Sanremo 2023. Sul Blanco’s behaviorthe owner said:

Blanco called me this morning, he was very sorry, he apologized. I know him, Riccardo is a talented boy, he made a mistake and will be the first to know about it. He asked for forgiveness, he was the first to realize that he realized his wrong. But let’s not throw a cross on him, and I don’t feel like, maybe wrong, to say that he should no longer participate in the Festival for the next few years, or to punish him.

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