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Post: Men and women, says Michela, the lady who shook the stalls: “No secrets, we are all like that in the family.”


Interview with Michele, an eighty-year-old Milanese lady among the main characters of the series “Men and Women”.

Among the main characters of the parterreabove From Men and women, Michela, The 80-year-old Milanese, who first appeared on the dating show, brought her age, causing amazement and shocking everyone, gave an interview to the weekly dedicated to the program, and on this occasion, she spoke about her adventure on the dating show and the secret of her eternal youth.

Men and women, 80-year-old Michela says: ‘Many of my relatives are over 100 years old’

Summarizing my experience of broadcasting to date, Michela he declared:

“For me, this is a completely new world, far from all my predictions! To be honest, I expected to find a slightly different atmosphere in the studio and sometimes I am surprised by the discussions that arise … but we were not here to look for “love? Most of the time when we fight, I feel like I’m in an arena or theater. Sometimes we even get emotional, in fact they all ask me for tissues because I always wear them.”

However, to date, there is not a single knight who struck her:

“Honestly, there is no one now! After Alessandro (ed. Rous), I had a couple of acquaintances, but they did not suit me. If you add problems related to distance, then! A lot of guests come from Rome or Southern Italy … and when will a handsome “Nordic” come? I don’t want a clown. who can talk”

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the Milanese said:

This is the first Valentine’s Day that I’m alone, my partner died six months ago… he will be very different from others. However, I don’t feel lonely, I have very strong friendships and in particular three friends I’ve known since high school, just think! It’s just not the same as a relationship

Michela gave advice to older women, sharing her past:

“I tell those who are older that sometimes they should respect themselves more and have a modicum of self-respect. Don’t let the men you know put you down! And then I would tell them to take their time: what do they hope to get by impersonating immediately on the first night? I got to know my partner for a whole year before I realized if we could start something serious, only then we started going visit each other … If everything goes wrong overnight, even the best intentions pass.

Speaking of his eternal youth, he finally declared:

“It’s no secret, we are all like this: many of my relatives are over a hundred years old.We are like that in the family, and the greatest happiness is to be healthy people! Yes, I’m very dynamic: I go for walks, do a little gym work and like to go to the spa. Then now I always travel to go to Rome. Zero diet, in fact I would like to gain some weight because I see myself as a little underweight…then I like sweets, custard and dark chocolate. In fact, I just bought some St. Joseph, which I can’t wait to try!”

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