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Post: Nosferatu – Emma Corrin in the cast of horror with Robert Eggers


Nosferatu, the new adaptation of the Dracula myth, already boasts a cast of Bill Skarsgård, Lily-Rose Depp, Nicholas Hoult and Willem Dafoe. The role of Emma Corrin is currently unknown.

Nosferatu – gothic horror Robert Eggers – ready to welcome a new entry, Emma Corrin – best known for his role Lady Diana Spencer in the fourth season Crown. The star then joins a cast already made up of Bill Skarsgard, Lily Rose Depp, Nicholas Hoult and Willem Defoe.

Nosferatu – the plot and actors of the gothic horror film by Robert Eggers

Timing exclusively reported the news but did not reveal the role he would play Emma Corrin. Nosferatu based – very loosely – on a masterpiece by Friedrich Murnau, Nosferatu Vampireself-adaptation Dracula by Bram Stoker. A young woman living in 19th century Germany is tormented by the ancient Transylvanian vampire Nosferatu, who haunts and follows her everywhere, bringing with him unspeakable horror. Thus, the main theme of Eggers’ version becomesobsession. Take on the role of a young protagonist Lily Rose DeppBye Bill Skarsgard – already the face of another horror icon, Pennywise the Clown in a two-episode reboot THIS – interprets Nosferatu. Currently unknownInstead of, roles, Besides Emma Corrin, Willem Dafoe AND Nicholas Hoult – also expected in a horror comedy version of the myth of Dracula, Renfield with Nicolas Cage.

Nosferatu see the director Robert Eggers (Witch, Lighthouse, Northerner) also deals with screenwriter AND directorin collaboration with Jeff Robinov, John Graham, Chris Columbus and Eleanor Columbus. Emma Corrinlast year took part in two projects, My policeman – along with Harry Styles and David Davson – e Lady Chatterley’s lover, a new film adaptation of the novel of the same name by David Herbert Lawrence. Thus, the young star makes her first horror debut in a film directed by one of the most interesting names of her generation. Eggersfor his latest work, he assembled a cast consisting of his “faithful” – Willem Dafoe again collaborates with the director for the third time, after Lighthouse AND Northerner – and new faces in the genre, joined by horror veterans like Bill Skarsgård. Filming Nosferatu is due to launch soon – probably at the end of the month or next month – in Europe, while it’s unclear when the film will debut in theaters. So all that’s left is to wait updates.

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