Farewell to the great theater director Maurizio Scaparro

Maestro Maurizio Scaparro, the great theater director, died in his Roman home at the age of 90, Cyrano with Pino Micol for all, who also brought the theater to the cinema with films like America and Ultimo Pulcinella.

Maurice Scaparro, one of the greatest Italian theater directors, maestro, passed away today, February 17, in his Roman home at the age of 90. His life was completely devoted to the stage, from the very beginning he was a theater critic onAfter you! and then as a founder in 1961 of the magazine New theater. However, he also came to the cinema, albeit falsely, with the adaptation of some theatrical works taken from the classics, such as his beautiful Don Quisciottewith Pino Micol and Evelina Nazzari, since 1984, superbAmerica Franz Kafka with Max Malatesta, 2004 (on this occasion we had the pleasure of interviewing him), Bohemiasince 2007, The Last Pulcinella with Massimo Ranieri, Adriana Asti and Jean Sorel (2008) e Dream of a thousand with Giuseppe Pambieri in 2011.

Maurizio Scaparro and the Bolshoi Theater

Name Maurice Scaparro he enrolled in large letters in the Pantheon of great Italian theater directors, along with George Strehler, Mario Missiroli, Luca Ronconi and others. During his long career he directed many permanent theatres, from Bologna to Rome and the Teatro Eliseo. In 1965 he made his debut as a theater director. Venexiana. Always attentive to new generations and interested in bringing youth closer to culture and theatre, we remember him at a public meeting in 1977, during the debut we witnessed of his magnificent Cyranowith Pino Micol (who has already directed Hamlet and with whom he will work again in Life of Galileo AND Don Quisciotte) and Evelina Nazzari, a magnificent and innovative show, very successful, which has been repeated for many years and has traveled all over the world. Another of his highly acclaimed productions was Memories of Adrian With George Albertazziin 1989 Life of Galileo and many others. Among the directions of Scaparro there are also television works, including Rocco Scotellaro with Bruno Chirino e Gaston Ettore Petrolini. It is not rhetorical to say that he will be sorely missed in a country that has failed to produce worthy heirs, and which, after the death of each of these great men, has become increasingly poorer in terms of culture and ideals.

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