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Post: Steven Spielberg undecided on his cinematic future: ‘I haven’t chosen my next project yet’


During a press conference at the Berlin Film Festival, where he received the Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement, Steven Spielberg admitted that he had confused ideas about his cinematic future.

Steven Spielberg – return from success Fabelmans – has not yet decided what his next feature film will be. During yesterday’s press conference – February 21 – el. Berlin Film Festivalthe director actually gave vague answers to reporters, confessing to not yet decided what he will do in the future.

Steven Spielberg: What are your next projects?

Spielberg says Timing He is not That’s why clear ideas about your next projects. As he himself stated, his last two films are a remake of the musical West Side Story AND Fabelmans – actually captivated him to such an extent that he can’t think of anything else:

I was so engrossed in the last two projects that I didn’t have the opportunity or time to think about what I would do when attention to them ended. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, I have no idea. It’s a wonderful and terrible feeling at the same time. It’s nice to be in control of your life again. But I have to work, I like to do it, and this is a question that I will have to fight through the rest of the year, trying to figure out what I will do.

Director awarded at the Berlin Film FestivalGolden Bear for Lifetime Achievementis one of the undisputed stars of the current awards season. Fabelmans – an intimate portrait of his adolescence and the genesis of his passion for cinema – actually a candidate for ben seven Academy Awards – including Best Picture, Director and Original Screenplay co-written with longtime collaborator Tony Kushner. So we’ll see if Spielberg manages to bring home some figurines, even if his race for the Best Director Oscar is blocked by the presence of the Daniels, directors All Everywhere All at once and category favorites. The director confirmed again during a press conference in Berlin that he was still working on one mini-series dedicated to Napoleon, based screenplay by Stanley Kubrick. The project, which was first talked about ten years ago, seems to be finally coming to life. preparation for production. So Spielberg’s future may be – at least for now – on the small screen. Instead, to see his next feature in theaters, we’ll have to wait.

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