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Post: Isola dei Famosi as the shipwrecked twins from the “Men and Women” program.


The line-up of castaways in the next edition of L’Isola dei Famosi is going strong. Let’s find out who the new additions are!

Less and less until the next release Celebrity Island and the composition of the contestants is replenished with new names. After rumors, some never confirmed, of several VIPs being involved, comes the first real confirmation of the next castaways.

Celebrity Island, the Enardu sisters, Men and Women, join the cast?

Nowadays, the first names have appeared: we are talking about Christina Skuccia and from Pamela Camassathe first official castaways of the program being run – for the third edition – Ilari Blasi. He will return to his side as a commentator Vladimir Luxurianew entries for Enrico Papiwho takes the place of Savino and is still yellow on the correspondent, who until the last issue had the face of Paolo Chavarro.

Weekly WHO discovered two other names of likely castaways and they come straight from the stalls Man and womananother famous program Channel 5: that would be about Serena and Elga Enardu. The twins participated in the program in 2009. Elga as a throne player, and it was there that she met her current husband, Diego Daddy, with whom she has been married for seven years. For Elga this will be the first TV experience since the dating show, so far Serene that after a few pushes and jerks with his partner I’m crying she returned with it only this year, she has already taken part in Temptation Island and in the previous edition of Big Brother Vip.

The two sisters will join another possible couple created Alessandro Cecchi Paone and his partner Simone Antolini. as well as attorney Luca Di Carlo and Corinne Clery.

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