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Post: Men, women and friends, still pause for the programs of Maria De Filippi. That’s when they will resume.


Regular Canale 5 programming with daytime meetings of men, women and friends is still on hold following the sudden death of Maurizio Costanzo, husband of host Maria De Filippi. Let’s try to find out together when they will resume.

Death Maurice Costanzo at 84 in Rome on Friday, February 24, he deeply shook his family and the entire entertainment world. In fact, since the announcement of his departure, there has not been a single network, program or host that has not paid tribute to the great journalist. Even the funeral, which took place yesterday, on Monday, February 27, was broadcast on Rai 1 and Canale 5, and hundreds of viewers followed them. Precisely to make room for the conductor, all the programming of the various networks has been temporarily revolutionized, and this also includes programs hosted by the conductor’s wife. Constantiusleading Maria DeFilippiwhich is broadcasting Man and woman AND Friends.

When will Men, Women and Friends resume?

Still pause for those two appointments this afternoon Channel 5: also for today, Tuesday, February 28, none Man and womanno one Friends they will be broadcast. There were those who thought that after the funeral, programming would resume, but it turned out that this was not the case. Instead of two programs, there will be a replay of the second episode of the feature film “Buongiorno, Mama” with Raul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta. The third episode of the fantasy series will air tomorrow night.

A date for the resumption of programs has not yet been determined. Maria DeFilippibecause – as he says fans page – the network defines meetings for viewers day by day. However, it seems likely that until Friday, March 3rd, we could not return to the events of the throners and the students of the school. The first episodes of the dating show to be aired will be the episodes of the last recording, which took place on February 23, and Sunday, March 5, 2023 will be the final Sunday date Friends before Evening.

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