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Post: Big brother Vip, Davide Donadei furious against Edoardo Tavassi: “Don’t touch my stuff, I’ll make a mess”


Rags fly to Big Brother Vip between Davide Donadei and Edoardo Tavassi.

Davide Donadei literally lost his temper in the house Big Brother VIP vs. Edoardo Tavassi. Cause? Mykola Incorvaji’s boyfriend asked for more clarification from the former “Men and Women” throne player on excavations posted on social media by Chiara Rabbi infuriating him.

The Anger of Davide Donadei on Gf Vip

Tough moment for Davide Donadei. During the last episode Big Brother VIPAlfonso Signorini showed the contestants Chiara Rabbi’s social post in which he expressed all his solidarity with Antonella Fiordelisi for what happened to Edoardo Donnamaria. Clear dig which destabilized the former Thronist of Men and Women, who after straighthe turned to Matteo Diamante:

I would like her to come and tell me that she is proud of me. He is one of the people I loved the most in my life. I left Chiara to love her, Matteo. Do you know what that means? As of today, I can’t move forward. But not because I still love Chiara, but simply because the perspective created was so high. Unfortunately, never having a family, I wanted to and created it the way I wanted. Welcome to the club what? But what? This is a huge disappointment.

A topic that Isa and Chia reported had been discussed in the last few hours at the Casa del vip girlfriend from Edward Tavassy. Summing up what happened live, a nice Roman member asked for more details about the excavations launched by Chiara on social media causing Donadei’s furious reaction:

Brother, stay away from the vase. You’re pissing me off, I swear to mom. How the hell do you dare if you don’t even know. I did not understand! I don’t want to talk about it, but you talk about it? But how dare you? You don’t even know. What the hell do you know? Make her come and then I’ll explain. Don’t touch my things. Talk about what you see here, don’t talk about what’s going on outside. Don’t touch my things because I’m making a mess.

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