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Post: Alex from Verissimo finds Cosmari Fasanelli backstage


The young singer, who came second in the singing category in the twenty-first edition of Amici, was a guest on the talk show Verissimo, where he met the Apulian dancer Cosmari Fasanelli.

Alex Wisein the registry office Alessandro Rinawas a guest at today’s meeting with very truetalk show was broadcast on Channel 5 run by Sylvia Toffanin.

Alex from Verissimo finds Cosmari Fasanelli backstage

The young singer-songwriter from Como has arrived finalist from twenty-first edition of Amiciclassifying in accordance with won in the singing section Luigi Strangis.

On this occasion, the presenter arranged a surprise for the former student, which was especially useful. At the school in Friends, Alex met Cosmari Fasanelli, a young Apulian dancer is eliminated until the evening. Many couples have been made this year Friends and their story seemed perhaps the most uncertain, for the two boys did not live very long. The months spent apart did not hurt their feelings at all. The leader interrupted the delay and said:

“Can I make a shocking revelation?” Kosmari is here. He’s backstage.”

Happy and surprised Alex he also admitted, without concealing his usual embarrassment, that they were connected by a feeling of love.

“This is Love? I have to say yes. When Kosmari left Friends it was a blow, this acquaintance that we made, and to break it as soon as it was born was a really strong blow. But she’s the first person I’ll see after the final is over, and I’m sure I’ll always find time for her in the middle of what I do.”

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