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Post: Breaking Bad star to star in remake of worst movie ever


Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk to star in a remake of the worst movie ever

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. Actor Bob Odenkirk will star in a remake of the drama The Room, which is considered the worst movie in cinema history. The project was led by Brando Crawford. knowledgeable Variation.

According to the plot of the movie, a character named Johnny learns of the bride’s betrayal with her best friend. Due to betrayal, the hero committed suicide.

According to the source, the scenes with Odenkirk were filmed in January. Cameron Caskey and Bella Heathcoat will also take part in the project. However, representatives of the original film’s director, Tony Wiseau, said they had not been contacted about the remake.

The proceeds of the film will be donated to the AIDS Foundation.

Earlier, it was learned that his nephew Jafar will play the role of Michael Jackson in the biopic about the singer. According to the publication, the producers will not avoid scandalous episodes from the life of the actor.

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