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Post: Luther: To Hell – According to Andy Serkis, Idris Elba has “already played his version of James Bond”.


According to Andy Serkis, Idris Elba’s co-star in Luther: Towards Hell – from today, March 10, on Netflix – the actor has already played his personal version of James Bond. So, let’s find out the reasons for this interesting statement.

Among the great mysteries of Hollywood, some are more complex and fascinating than others. For example, for months, fans and the film industry have been wondering who might be new interpreter of James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig – who held this role from 2006 to 2021. According to some rumors Idris Elba will apply for the role after saying goodbye to a colleague. In recent months, however, there have been reports that the franchise’s production team is looking for a young and up-and-coming actor to play 007. Shaded – possibly – are Elba’s dreams of stardom that never actually happened. openly expressed a desire to become the new James Bond – fans of the actor, however, can console themselves with a vision Luther: To hell, Feature film-sequel of the cult seriesfrom now on – 10th of March – aired on Netflix. performance, which, according to Andy Serkisis a perfect demonstration that Idris Elba, after all, already interpreted his very personal secret agent version best known in literature and cinema.

Luther: To Hell – Andy Serkis Convinced Idris Elba Has Already Played ‘His’ Version of James Bond

Andy Serkiswhich in Luther: To hell plays the role of a terrible serial killers who was hunted by Idris Elba, and then gave his personal opinion on the choice of Idris Elba to play the role of the “next” James Bond. To the microphones of the magazine meterthe actor actually explained that, in his personal opinion, Elba has already played an alternate version of 007.that is Detective John Luther:

Luther is his version of James Bond. The character suits him perfectly (…) It was great to work with Idris Elba on such a project, because he lived with Luther for ten years. When you are on set, you realize that he is completely immersed in the role, living his life as if it were his own. This is a very complex and deep character. In a manner, I think it suits Idris more than James Bond., because you can predict what Jacob will do, but you can never predict what Luther will do..

Andy Serkistherefore, he believes that a colleague on the set would be uncomfortable playing the role of James Bond, but he showed that he can play complex and charismatic character in five seasons of the series and in the sequel to the film. Elberecently appeared in an action movie beastcurrently has no other projects in the works and it’s unclear if Netflix will decide to release more sequels Luther. Andy Serkishowever, it is expected that in the future Batman Matt Reeves, where he will return to play the butler Alfred while waiting for a call from Warner Bros. to take part in new projects related to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Waiting to find out where we’ll see Idris Elba again, the meeting is scheduled on Netflix starting today, March 10, from Luther: to hell.

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