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Post: Big Brother Vip, George Chupilan attacks Luca Onestini and Tavassi: “I’ve been brainwashed well”


A young TikToker, one of Gf Vip’s former wipponis, is back to talk about his former adventure mates.

Young TikToker, George Choupilanamong ex vipponi of the seventh edition gs vip, he returned to talk about his former adventure mates. Eliminated during the thirtieth episode of the reality show, George he was one of the most beloved athletes, the youngest, but also the most polite and kind. Fingers were often pointed at him by his former tenants as he struggled to take a clear stand, but the band’s opinion didn’t sway him much.

Gf Vip, George Chupilan: “I am also convinced that Luca Onestini and Edoardo Tavassi brainwashed me”

Indeed, the former protagonist de College he never integrated into the dynamics of the game and didn’t make very deep connections, except for what he created with Nikita Pelizon which is still protected George. Speaking specifically about the Trieste model, the former gieffino said that he had not changed his mind, and then lashed out at Luca Onestini and Edoardo Tavassi

“… Now I have my own voice, and I speak out when I think it’s right,” the former Jeffino wanted to clarify on social networks, “I really want to say that they haven’t understood me yet, I’m a person who is watching in this case I’m tempted to say that making fun of the fact that I’m dumb seems to be just the tip of the iceberg, just to get people talking. Obviously, this message refers to Edoardo Tavassi, who, from my point of view, is a strategist, a fake friend, and also pretended to be nice. But I think people have already figured it out.”

Answering those who asked him if he now believes in the interests Nikita To Luke, George he replied with these words:

“Yes, just like I am also convinced that I was brainwashed by Luca Onestini and Edoardo Tavassi. But, on the other hand, I do not have their experience and foresight.

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