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Post: Big Brother Vip, Sonia Bruganelli: “Tavassi timed well”


Big Brother Vip columnist was a guest at Casa Chi’s last reception.

lBig Brother Vip columnist Sonia Bruganelliwas a guest at the last meeting House Who and on occasion, a few days after the conclusion of the seventh edition of the reality show, he gave his opinion on some of the competitors, including Antonella Fiordelisi to which she returned.

Gf Vip, Sonia Bruganelli: “Tavassi came in a month after the others and he did his calculations”

Speaking of the Campania influencer and his relationship with Edoardo Donnamaria, bruganelli he declared:

“I watch and see how they develop, in five months a personality and character appear. At first I didn’t like Antonella, then I saw her go further and I think she is one of those who, along with Edoardo Donnamaria, came in, assuming that she could manage a reality show, started discussing, went berserk Then he started showing who he really is, with flashes of acting, flashes of wanting to irritate tones, but also depending on the consent of others, Edoardo has entered a lot more light, and instead I believe that he fell seriously in love with Antonella and perhaps also with the role that they played together but then as it happens i believe in a continuous and diligent coexistence, let’s say you fall in love but in reality it becomes an addiction a face that then stays by your side that day and the next day and a dynamic is created i I don’t know if you know a science book, on the one hand there is a human body covered with skin and that only with veins and muscles Lu I think that in the last month it was like he lost his skin and only nerves and muscles remained, and in some mom he couldn’t take it anymore. We also talked afterwards, and like it or not, he was one of the guys who made this Gf Vip.”

There bruganelli also talked about Jaele DeDona who, according to the observer, is not a central figure, especially several episodes from the conclusion GF VIP:

“We are four episodes from the end and they would eat each other’s ankles to get to the end, especially if you open that door on September 19th and Jael and Nikita are among them. Jael, after telling us his story, has much more to say. and came up with this story of rivalry with Nikita. In this case, inside the House, after bonding with Antonino and after her husband took the ears, real or fake, we lost her, and yes, she ended up a bit at the center of all the dynamics. That’s fine with me, but if later, when I’m present, you can’t bullshit me.”

Saying dand Edoardo Tavassiagainst which she spoke quite sharply, wife of Paolo BonolisHe said::

“My personal annoyance is when something like this is denied and he says that he is a friend to everyone. He came a month after the others, and if he made his calculations, then everything was correct, but do not deny it to me and do not tell me what I am inventing, because then my vein will burst, and I will tell you with whom, yours, are you talking? He’s funny and I think he’ll make it to the final and I’m one of those who watch Big Brother also because Tavassy makes me laugh.”

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