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Post: John Wick 4, real gun director in Hollywood: ‘Nobody admits the truth’


Chad Stahelski, a former student and director of John Wick 4, explained to The Hollywood Reporter why Hollywood still uses real weapons, which even John Wick now does without.

John Wick 4 will be in theaters from March 23, so its director Chad Stahelskiformer stuntman and with David Leitch, co-creator of the character he plays Keanu Reeves, gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to the considerations of a feature film, he delivered a competent opinion to the burning question: why are they still used in Hollywood? real guns on set, what led to tragedies like the tragedy of Rasta, when the operator lost his life? Stahelski tells it like it is. There is a solution, but…

“John Wick 4,” there are no real guns on set, but that’s not always the case, words of Chad Stahelski.

Chad Stahelskibefore moving on to directing John Wick Sagahe was very active understudy and therefore knows well world of tricks: because, as he explains, real weapons are no longer used in his setsnot even for a movie full of gunfights like John Wick 4like tragedies like Rust or before that, what’s on crow set? The reality of the facts is very stupid… and a little sad.

When cinema appeared, shots were invented.”empty“, A bullet without bulletbut they couldn’t put you and me in one shot, five feet apart, when one of them pulled the trigger: breaking force from the cylinder would enough to make your skull crack. Similar incidents have happened people died there. But in the last ten years they have invented electronic weaponsit is impossible to get anything out of the cylinder, all done with computer graphics. So we’re doing it, it’s a technology available to everyone. […]

For as I see it, no reason to have real guns on set. We can create entire cities and even Godzilla. We have the technology to do the same with weapons. But Hollywood has been using real guns for a hundred years: For support companies and armories, this change would render all of their weapons useless. It all comes down to this some people will cost a lot of money to switch. Nobody wants to say this, but the real reason is this: the alternative costs you more money.

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