Post: Armageddon Time: James Gray Exclusive Movie Preview with Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins

Another director that evokes autobiographical memories is James Gray, who takes us back to Armageddon Time in the 1980 Queens of his childhood. Introducing an exclusive preview of the film’s music video, in theaters from March 23rd.

James Gray returns to 1980 in his memory, in the Queens area of ​​New York, in his nostalgic film Time of Armageddonpresented at the last Cannes Film Festival. A coming-of-age story of a young man, the likely alter ego of a filmmaker who grew up in a Jewish family, between memories of his grandparents who survived the camps and his parents. in search of confirmation of this American dream for all, promised by the Reagan presidency which began in those months.

Armageddon Time Written and Directed James Graytalks about two friends, white and Jewish, Paul (Banks Repeat), and black, Johnny (Jaylene Webb), between creeping racism and still very obvious social differences. Other film interpreters Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong AND Anthony Hopkins.

We present to you exclusive clip from the moviein which we find there parents and a teenage son morning of the first day at the new school For Paul.

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