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Post: Vika Tsyganova spoke about helping NWO participants


Vika Tsyganova spoke to NWO participants about assistance and trips to the front line.

MOSCOW, March 15 – RIA Novosti. Vika Tsyganova talked about helping those who participated in the special military operation.

“I go to hospitals, I go to the front lines. I was in Donetsk, I was in Zhoga (Vladimir Zhoga is a member of the NVO, posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia), I sang in the parliamentary hall of his unit, ”says Vika Tsyganova.

The artist talked about buying drones, sights, thermal cameras, body armor. The singer admits that now her husband, Vadim Tsyganov, cooperates with the developers.

“We are making a quadcopter” stressed The singer in an interview with the Paragraph portal.

He previously sold the house and used the proceeds from the deal to support the military involved in the NWO.

Vika Tsyganova – Soviet and Russian singer, composer, actress. In 2016 she received the medal “For the Defense of the Republic of Crimea”.

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Source: Ria

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