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Post: The cast of “King and the Jester” talked about the negative reaction of fans of the group.


The actors of “The King and the Jester” Konoplev and Plotnikov spoke about the negative reaction of the fans of the group.

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. The actors of “The King and the Jester” Vlad Konoplev and Konstantin Plotnikov spoke about the negativity from the fans of the group after the premiere of the series. the details are shared program “Let’s go” in the “Autoradio” in the mood for the driver.

“Kostyan, they write about you there – don’t listen …” says Plotnikov, who plays Mikhail Gorshenev, has a few childhood friends who say, but I didn’t know that before you said it. TV series (“Pot”).

In turn, embodying the image of Andrei Knyazev (“Prince”), Konoplev looked at the reviews of viewers on the Web.

“I haven’t read them for five days because at some moments I feel sad. It’s not that I get a lot of hate … But as Andrey Knyazev told me, there are some fans who believe what they know most – Prince, who is all the creators of this group, more than Pot, ” Vlad Konoplev shares his experiences.

The actress assures that she does not respond to negative comments on the Internet.

The punk fairy tale “The King and the Jester” went online in early March. The project about the cult group includes both drama and fantasy. Among the producers is the founder and lead singer of the team, Andrey Knyazev.

Visitor to the Punk Culture exhibition.  The King and the Jester at Winzavod in Moscow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/02/2023

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