Post: Gladiator 2 – Barry Keoghan in the cast of the sequel as the “villain”

Barry Keoghan, Oscar nominee for The Spirits of the Island, is set to join the cast of Gladiator 2 along with the already confirmed Paul Mescal, according to rumors leaked online.

Gladiator 2 – expected continuation of the Ridley Scott cult – Ready to welcome a new entry to the cast. According to an exclusive report published by the site Giant freaky robot Barry Keoghan gets dressed Really the role of the villainthereby going to face the main character, Paul Mescal. The two young actors were Oscar nominees this year – respectively for Spirits of the island And after the sun – and therefore would be willing to share the screen for the first time.

Gladiator 2 – Barry Keoghan’s (likely) role revealed

Gladiator 2 should revolve around character Lucius – Paul Mescal -, son of Lucilla and grandson of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) rescued by Massimo Desimo Meridio at the end of the first movie. Excluding Russell Crowe, film – according to report Giant freaky robot – must boast presence in plaster, a familiar face to fans of the 2000 cult, Connie Nielsenwho wore Lucilla’s clothes. Barry Keoghan, on the other hand, should play one of them. “fictitious” version of co-ruler Getason of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna brother of Caracallawho ruled Rome from 209 to 211, first with his father and then with his brother.

Barry Keoghan He is known to the general public for his roles in the Marvel movie comics. Eternal – where he lent his body and voice to Druig – and in Batman is the newest “iteration” Joker who appears at the end of the film. The actor also took part in some independent projectsamong which stand out Sacred Deer Sacrifice, american animals AND Shadow of violence. This year, as mentioned, he got his own first Oscar nomination as a supporting actor Spirits of the island, in which she co-stars with Colin Farrell, Kerry Condon and Brendan Gleeson. Filming Gladiator 2 due to start in summer – Paul Mescal is currently busy touring in the theater A tram called desire – while Date of issue currently set to November 22, 2024just in time for the auspicious Thanksgiving weekend. In addition, there are currently no other blockbusters scheduled for this period, with the exception of the as-yet-untitled Disney movie, which will release on November 27th. Ridley Scott currently completing post-production Napoleon, a biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix, is coming to Apple TV+. So all that’s left is to wait official confirmation participation Barry Keoghan.

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