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Post: Men and women, Federico Nicotera has finally chosen: Carola Carpanelli will be his life partner! [VIDEO]


Federico Nicotera’s choice was featured in the episode of “Men and Women” that aired today on Canale 5. The Roman throne has finally decided which of Carola Carpanelli and Alice Barishiani will be the woman of his life. Let’s look at his choice together.

Episode Man and woman today, Thursday, February 16, choice of Federico Nicotera! The Roman fan has spent the last few months torn between two female fans. Carola Carpanelli AND Alisa Barishianibut finally it’s time to choose.

Men and women, Federico Nicotera has chosen who will be the partner of his life!

The production airs a sweet video of an outside that Frederickvery excited, as he himself stated, he shared with Lavinia Mauroanother classic throne queen with whom she has such a beautiful bond that Lavinia accompanied him to select the best outfit at the time of selection. In the open air, they have shown themselves to be very united due to a similar path with their suitors. The two tronists are very connected and their friendship is so beautiful that even in the studio they can’t help but hug each other and tell each other how much they love each other.

Maria DeFilippi broadcast videos with the best moments between Frederic Nicotera AND Carola Carpanelli and she is the first to enter the studio. The groom is clearly moved and cannot hold back his tears. Surprisingly, Frederick say thank you Gemma Galgani because the lady of the throne gave him a gentle surprise in the dressing room and let him find a model aircraft with the desire to fly high with his choice. Then comes the video moments with Alisa Barishiani and immediately afterwards the bridegroom enters. The host broadcasts the last two exteriors, the first is the one with Carola and then the one with Alice. Both exteriors were full of emotion and Frederick wanted to pay tribute to both suitors of the little mascot, no matter how the selection goes.

Bringing out two suitors, Gianni Sperti say thank you Frederick and compliments him because he really is a golden boy. Tronista thanks him and then goes on to thank the entire studio, the producers, and the entire editorial team for all the support and love they have shown him in recent months. Frederick also have a very sweet surprise for Maria DeFilippi and gives her a bag full of sweets, knowing how much the owner likes them. Surprisingly, his mother and sister enter. Frederickwho prepared a surprise for the sweet tronista. The time comes to let the two grooms in, one by one, as is customary: whoever enters enters first. Alisa Barishiani.

Frederick he begins his speech by thanking her for the way she made herself known, for how close she has always been to him, and for what a big heart she has. The tronista goes on to say that although she has excellent qualities and that during the journey she repeatedly thought about how perfect she was for him, she is not her choice, but not because she lacks something, but because she deserves to have someone who loves her with all of himself. Alice she looks forward to her words and then thanks, in a voice breaking from tears, the whole editorial office and the program and that she knows that she gave everything and even if she did not get what she hoped for after this experience Man and woman has a much clearer idea of ​​​​love and that, obviously, she Frederick they are not made for each other. Alice this concludes his speech and leaves the studio.

The turn comes Carola Carpanelli: the tronista sums up their journey and admits that even if this journey together was very difficult, he admits that this is true and that love is something that makes your legs tremble, and that this feeling sometimes scares you, because it makes you vulnerable. The tronista then brings a giant scarecrow with the words “sorry” and apologizes for not realizing who she really was earlier. And, surprisingly, another one appears under the first inscription, which says that Carol her choice. The groom calls him a whore and then reveals to him that she chose him every time she stayed, and so they kiss under a shower of petals. As an extra surprise Maria DeFilippi announces that they will go on a cruise on April 2, the last gift from the program!

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